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Privacy policy

The German Bundestag takes the protection of your privacy very seriously. Technical and organisational measures have been put in place to ensure that both we and external service providers comply with data protection rules.

We use the Open Source software Piwik for statistical evaluation of site visitor numbers. The data recorded by this software are used in anonymised form to analyse and improve use of the German Bundestag’s website. IP addresses are recorded by Piwik, however only in anonymised form. By using the website you accept that the data collected will be used by Piwik for the aforementioned purposes as described above.

You can prevent data being collected by Piwik by activating the "Do Not Track" function in your browser. In most browsers this function can be found under "Settings -> Privacy".

Share function

For the “Share page” function, which allows you to share content from bundestag.de on social media, we use the Open Source solution “Shariff” developed by Heise. Viewing content alone does not cause any data to be sent to social networks. Direct contact between users and the respective platform is only established when the user actively clicks on the social network button to share content. Only the information required for sharing is then transmitted.

Information material and newsletter

When you order information material, subscribe to a newsletter or use the electronic mailbox, we ask you for personal details. This is completely optional. The data is stored on highly secure servers located in Germany. Data protection rules are complied with.

When ordering information material, your personal details are used by the company responsible for the dispatch of brochures. Your details are not passed on to third parties.

Specialised applications

Special data-protection rules apply for e-petitions (German only).

The use of cookies on this website is limited to the German Bundestag's Image Service which stores cookies when you agree to its conditions of use.

Communication with Members of the Bundestag

It is possible to communicate with Members of the German Bundestag via encrypted email. Further information on how to send encrypted emails to Members can be found here: Sending encrypted emails to the Bundestag (German only).

IP address logging when using the contact form

For security reasons, the user's IP address is forwarded to the addressee. This is a condition which must be accepted in order to use the contact form. The IP address is saved temporarily. By submitting the form, the user agrees to the forwarding of his or her IP address. If the user does not agree, he or she must cancel the process. The message will then not be sent.

Please note

The German Bundestag accepts no responsibility for the content of external websites linked to from www.bundestag.de.