Conditions of use for the Image Database

1. Scope

The following conditions of use apply to images from the German Bundestag’s Image Database.

2. Use

2.1    Anyone may use the images free of charge for the purposes listed for the individual images in the Image Database.
2.2    The images may also be used by Members of the German Bundestag for purposes connected with their parliamentary mandate, and by the staff of the parliamentary groups and of the Administration of the German Bundestag for official purposes.
2.3    An image may be used on social media if the German Bundestag’s Image Database indicates that this is permitted for the image in question.
2.4    Use for commercial advertising purposes and for election campaign purposes is prohibited in all cases.
2.5    Images may be passed on to third parties if attention is drawn to the conditions of use for the German Bundestag’s Image Database (online link:

3. Granting of rights

3.1    If the conditions of use are accepted, the user may use the images on the basis of a non-exclusive right of use. The user himself/herself is responsible for respecting other rights, such as the personality and privacy rights of depicted persons, trademark rights or the copyright to depicted works of art. He/she must obtain the necessary permission from the holder of these rights.
3.2    Technical edits which are necessary for publication and dissemination are permitted, including the reproduction of colour images in black and white, colour and tonal correction, resizing and changes to the aspect ratio, for example.
3.3    More significant edits to an image are generally not permitted, particularly via drawings of the image, rephotography, colour changes, cropping or the use of montage techniques. Exceptions require the prior written permission of the German Bundestag.
3.4    Any use of an image in a context which distorts its meaning or which could lead to the denigration of depicted persons is prohibited. In particular, the images may not be published in a setting containing unlawful, violent, pornographic, racist or antisemitic content.
3.5    The user is responsible for any caption.

4. Image attribution

When publishing an image, the user is required to give attribution in the following form: “Deutscher Bundestag (this can also be abbreviated as ‘DBT’) / photographer’s name, agency name where applicable”. It must be clear that the attribution applies to the image. The requirement to give attribution also applies if the image has been edited. In the case of edits within the meaning of No. 3.3 of these conditions of use, the following should be added to the attribution: “Edited by: [Name]”.

5. Liability

5.1    The German Bundestag makes no warranties regarding the accuracy and completeness of the image descriptions in the database.
5.2    The German Bundestag accepts no liability for any infringement of other rights, such as the personality and privacy rights of depicted persons, trademark rights or the copyright to depicted works of art. In the event that such rights are infringed, the user alone shall be liable for damages vis-à-vis third parties. He/she shall indemnify the German Bundestag against third-party claims in this respect.