The Bundestag invites you to its Open Day on 4 September

Banner for the Bundestag’s Open Day in the colours green, red, pink, yellow and orange and with a white eagle.

The German Bundestag opens its doors on Sunday, 4 September, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (German Bundestag)

On Sunday, 4 September 2022, the German Bundestag will open its doors to the public again for its traditional Day of Insights and Outlooks. From 9:00 to 19:00 hrs (last admission: 18:00 hrs), visitors can cast a glance behind the scenes of Parliament and politics.

Opening of the day’s events by Bärbel Bas

The day starts with the President of the German Bundestag Bärbel Bas: in the West Portal of the Reichstag Building by the Members’ lobby, she will open this 16th Day of Insights and Outlooks and welcome the first visitors at 9.30 a.m.

Visitors may, if they wish, take a tour of the Bundestag buildings: from the Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building with its multi-level library rotunda, the route leads across the bridge over the Spree into the Paul Löbe Building. From here, it runs underground into the Reichstag Building which, with its glass dome, has become the symbol of Parliament. There is much to discover along the way: the modern parliamentary buildings are home to interesting artworks and still bear impressive traces of history.

Presidium members in the Visitors’ Gallery

In the Reichstag Building, the plenary chamber is well worth seeing. In the Visitors’ Gallery, the Vice-Presidents will be talking about the Bundestag’s work and answering visitors’ questions.

In the Members’ lobby, Marion Eichmann’s Sight.Seeing Bundestag exhibition explores Parliament from unusual angles. The artist spent a year observing the daily routine in the German Bundestag and captured her impressions in more than a hundred papercuts, collages and drawings.

The Bundestag’s six parliamentary groups – the SPD, CDU/CSU, Alliance 90/The Greens, FDP, AfD and the Left Party – have a presence on the parliamentary group level above the plenary chamber. Here, visitors can meet their representatives and discuss political issues.

Panel discussions and citizens’ debates

In the Paul Löbe Building next door, numerous information stands, talks and tours are available for visitors to find out about the work of Parliament and the Administration of the German Bundestag.

There are panel discussions on stage and citizens’ debates, hosted by the committees, in the meeting rooms. Outside, on the banks of the River Spree, the Bundestag police are present with one of their vehicles.

Interviews and music

On the other side of the Spree in the Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building, Dr Eva Högl, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces, and Evelyn Zupke, the Federal Parliamentary Commissioner for the Victims of the SED Dictatorship, and others will be speaking about their work.

Outside, a café with a view of the Reichstag Building and the Paul Löbe Building is an inviting spot to relax for a while with music by the DJ team, Anne Hou and Nikklaas. In and around the Bundestag buildings, entertainment is provided by other musical acts: Dew’s Brew (Paul Löbe Building), Chameleon Jazz (Reichstag Building), Jasmin Jajeunesse (Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building) and BrassAppeal (outside).

Accessibility and children’s programme

The programme includes many accessible events. Sign language and simple language interpretation is provided at many of the panel discussions and talks. English translations are available for international visitors.

Once again, the Bundestag’s Open Day includes a varied programme for children: at the Central Passes Office stand, for example, they can be issued with their own secret service ID. And of course, Lulu and Natascha the clowns are back again this year: they will be roaming the parliamentary buildings with their ukulele, conjuring tricks and balloon animals in their luggage.

Livestreams and video links

This year, some of the events will be livestreamed for those unable to attend in person: watch online, for example, as Bundestag President Bärbel Bas opens the doors in the morning. Video conferencing is available for online viewers to join the citizens’ debates hosted by the committees.

Admission and security

If you are planning to tour the buildings, it is best to start in the Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building. From here, you can cross the bridge over the Spree into the Paul Löbe Building, then go underground into the Reichstag Building to see the plenary chamber. The Reichstag Building, Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building and Paul Löbe Building are all accessible and suitable for wheelchair users.

A personal identity card or another form of photo ID is required for admission. As entry and security checks are carried out, we suggest you avoid bringing larger bags or items of luggage with you. Please observe social distancing and hygiene (AHA) rules to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection.