NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Ein Logo mit dem vierzackigen Nato-Stern in schwarzer Farbe mit in blau angedeuteten Sitzreihen eines Parlaments darum mit der Aufschrift Nato Parliamentary Assembly darunter

Logo der Nato-PV (© NATO PA)

Since its foundation in 1955, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has provided a critical forum for international parliamentary dialogue on the work of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). A total of 281 parliamentarians from the 32 member nations and further parliamentarians from the 10 countries which have been granted associate member status are committed to ensuring that the Assembly acts as a link between NATO and the national parliaments. Its other aims include fostering dialogue and cooperation among parliamentarians on major security and defence issues and strengthening transatlantic solidarity. The Members of the Assembly adopt resolutions, declarations and reports with the aim of bringing their influence to bear on the work of governments within the NATO framework.

The Bundestag sends 12 Members, who sit on the Assembly's five committees: the Political Committee, the Defence and Security Committee, the Economics and Security Committee, the Committee on Democracy and Security, and the Science and Technology Committee. The delegation, which also includes six members of the Bundesrat, is headed by Dr. Johann Wadephul  (CDU/CSU). Marja-Liisa Völlers (SPD) is the deputy head of the Bundestag delegation. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly is funded by contributions from the member parliaments.