Conference of the Speakers of European Union Parliaments - Facts and figures

Rules of procedure:

  • Guidelines for the Conference of Presiding Officers, adopted at the Conference held in Rome
  • Guidelines for Interparliamentary Cooperation in the European Union (The Hague)

Aims: To act as a forum for the exchange of opinions, information and experiences, as well as for the promotion of research activities and common action on topics related to the role of parliaments and the organization of parliamentary functions, also with respect to the forms and tools of interparliamentary cooperation


  • the speakers of the national parliaments of the 27 EU Member States
  • the President of the European Parliament
  • the presidents of the parliaments of the accession and candidate countries as guests

Frequency of meetings: Once a year

Place of meeting: Alternates between the various Member States

Document languages: English and French

Conference languages: See explanation of the language regime


Secretariat in the Bundestag: