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Lutz Dammbeck

born 1948 in Leipzig, lives in Hamburg and Dresden.

In his work “Heracles Notes” placed in the lobby of the parliamentary groups of the Reichstag Building, Leipzig artist Lutz Dammbeck has created a complex, multi­faceted work made up of collages and superimposed drawings. The main theme of his oeuvre is the perpetual conflict between the conditioning and disciplining of the individual by society on the one hand, and the courage required to resist such conditioning and preserve one’s individuality on the other.

Against the inhuman attempts by both National Socialism and Communism to create a ‘new type of man’ the artist sets the exemplary will of Sophie Scholl (1921–1943, exe­cuted to death in the prison Muenchen­ Stadelheim), a member of the “White Rose” resistance group during the period of National Socialism, to assert her own humanity.