Lili Fischer

born 1947 in Priwall/Travemünde, lives in Hamburg.

Lili Fischer has organised a “Grazienkon­gress” (Meeting of the Graces) on the wall of a light shaft in the Jakob Kaiser Building that extends through seven floors. Silhou­ettes of nymphs and other ethereal crea­tures, which the artist has cut out of fleece and coloured with graphite, seem to be floating, somersaulting, dancing or simply gliding gracefully up the wall.

Some of the silhouettes resemble figures from well­known paintings, such as Sandro Botticel­li’s Venus – these archetypes of grace and elegance from many centuries pass before the viewer’s eyes. In allusion, as it were, to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the wall of the light shaft becomes the projection surface for our notions and visions of beauty, ele­gance, and of course dance, which stood at the beginning of all cults and all art.

At the same time, this piece follows in the tradi­tion of artistic performances by Lili Fischer in which she invited members of the audi­ence – visible only as shadows behind a white curtain – to join in a round dance of the Graces and taught them how to move gracefully: imagined archetype and current reality are brought together in a playfully ironic way.