Julia Mangold

Rechteck by Julia Mangold

"Rechteck" by Julia Mangold (German Bundestag/J.F. Müller)

born 1966 in Munich, lives in Munich.

Using simple, elementary shapes, the Munich artist has formed a connection between the interior and exterior of the Marie-Elisabeth Lüders Building. Inside the hall she has added the basic geometric shape of a large black rectangle which, as a raised form proportional to the architec­ture, follows the curve of the outer wall of the library rotunda.

The same black rectangle can also be seen on the outside of the building – here featured as a recess in the façade – on the central pillar at the top of the steps. This second rectangle extends over the corner edge of the pillar. In this way Mangold has cleverly invented her own game of positive and negative, round and angular form, on the basis of Stephan Braunfels’s geometric architectural con­cept.