Hans Peter Reuter

born 1942 in Schwenningen am Neckar, lives in Karlsruhe and Lauf/Pregnitz.

Using his trademark method of playing with geometric forms, Nuremberg artist Hans Peter Reuter has created a design in intensely luminescent blue for the ‘Kaisersaal’ of the former Reichstag Presi­dential Palace. The Kaisersaal is now used as a reception and banqueting hall; when it was renovated, three-metre-high panels of walnut wood were fitted to the walls, which the artist contrasts with over seven thousand different-sized cubes in ultramarine blue.

The cubes seem to be three­dimensional; they draw the gaze upwards from the weightiness of the brown wooden panels, while the ceiling is ‘dematerialised’ by the illusion of cubes flying across it: it is transformed into an infinite sky of wildly spinning meteorites.

Although only a single form (the square) and a single colour (ultramarine) are varied, the play­fulness of these seemingly endless varia­tions give the space an almost baroque, cheerfully festive atmosphere.