Recording service

Monitor with control switches

Visual material can be ordered from Parliamentary Television or the Parliamentary Archives. (German Bundestag/Unger)

Current video material

Parliamentary Television provides all its visual materials without charge and free from third-party rights. However, the material must only be used for educational productions or information programmes provided free of charge, with a direct connection to the work of the German Bundestag. Visual materials supplied by the Bundestag may not be sold or rented out. If images are to be used for other purposes, prior approval from the German Bundestag is required.

Current visual material can be ordered for a fee (for copying costs) directly from Parliamentary Television, e.g. as a HD recording on Professional Disc (XDCAM) or as a file via FTP.

Visual materials from the Parliamentary Archives

Visual materials produced by Parliamentary Television that are more than 30 days old may be ordered on various data storage media for a fee from the Parliamentary Archives of the German Bundestag. Plenary sittings and committee meetings of the German Bundestag from 1995 – 2015 can be ordered as SD material on Digital Betacam or DVD, while those from 2015 onwards are also available as HD recordings on Professional Disc (XDCAM) or as a file via FTP.

The Conditions of Use for the Media Centre and the Regulations on the Use of the Parliamentary Archives apply to any use. The costs associated with ordering copies are shown in the overview of fees for the reproduction of archival material.